Friday, February 08, 2013

Tips on buying glasses online

tips on buying glasses online

I love buying things online because it's so fast and convenient. I'm the type of girl who can waste 2 hours just to choose the right shoes, I prefer waste that time at home instead at the mall.
I'm not good at choosing glasses too, so I prefer choosing it on the internet, especially when they have those 'recommended for you' or those categories that you love. Buying glasses online can be an effective way or a thrilling one or maybe both? Therefore here I give you a few tips on buying eyeglasses online.
First things first, decide which site you're going to buy your glasses at. You should pick an online store that give you the ability to try the glasses (both) online and at home and make sure that the site is well-known, trusted and have a money back guarantee. I recommend you to buy your glasses on, besides their high quality frames and lenses, they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
When you've chosen the right site, you can browse through the categories and choose the perfect frames, the one that will suit your beautiful eyes. I suggest you to try it on first, make sure that the glasses length or size is the right size.

Found your exactly perfect frames? Now the lenses, for prescription eyeglasses, you can easily enter your prescription online, just fill the form out.
The lens package usually comes with Scratch Resistant Coating, UV Protective Coating, and Premium Anti-Reflective Coating, but if it's not, you can request it with additional charges. For non-prescription glasses, I'm sure you know what to do. Just click add to cart and checkout when you're ready. That's it, not really complicated, right? Hope I help!
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Great tips! I don't know that we can try the glasses at home, that's really nice.

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