Thursday, September 06, 2012

A DIY from Sam!

Hey there!
My name is Sam and I'm from My Latest Obsession. Today I'm here to share a tutorial with you guys! I made one of these for myself and it has turned into my favorite necklace!! Here goes.
What You Need:
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire Cutter
  • Chain & hook attachment (if it is too short to slip over you head)
  • Stone (bought from Michaels craft store-
  • An eyepin
1. Slide the eyepin through the hole in stone. 
2. Bend the eyepin to one side.
3. Slide pliers to grip the eyepin right where it comes out of the hole.
4. Bend the eye pin back around pliers so that it creates a loop (see picture). 
5. Remove pliers and cut the eyepin a few centimeters past where it curves.
6. Grip the very end and bend it around towards the base of the loop (back towards the hole). This creates a closed loop.
7. Find center of necklace and open ring. Separate.
8. Attach the open jumper ring (which should still be attached to one end of the chain) and hook it onto one of the loops on the stone. Close.
9. Find the other end of the chain and open that ring. Attach it to the other loop on the stone (the one that is not in use) and close it.

10. Now you have a finished necklace! Wear with pride (:
Thanks so much for having me! And come visit my blog:
Thank you Sam! I will definitely try this, have a nice day everyone!


Anonymous said...

That's so easy and pretty! I'm going to make one! Thank you for sharing this.

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